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Champadevi Day Hiking (Private Tour)

Duration: 01 Day Private Tour (approximate 08 Hours)
Trip cost: USD 70.00 per person

Champadevi is located to the south of Kathmandu valley which is one of the best one day hiking destinations in Kathmandu. Including the village and monastery of Pharping, the trail makes its way through the pine forest. Most of the walk is along the ridge that offers spectacular mountain views with a bird’s eye view of the Kathmandu Valley. The raptors can be seen soaring below the trails. The top of the hill is enshrined with a sacred place where locals perform their rituals on auspicious days. From Champadevi, you will drive back to Kathmandu via the historic town of Kirtipur and university area.

This is an easy to moderate walking trip that can be a little demanding at some point. But anybody who loves walking or enjoys going out of the box can enjoy this hike greatly. The Champadevi hiking can be done throughout the year as all the seasons have their own charm. Summer and monsoon is the time of lush and green surroundings, spring is very beautiful with many flowers in bloom including the rhododendrons and the birds that are so active as this is their breeding season. Autumn and winters are wonderful with clear sky & great views.

Part of this hike, especially towards the end, is also a destination for birds where we can view and hear many birds around. The hilly area in the day time is always good for raptors that are seeing soaring. The area before and after are abundant with these avian delights.




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