Festivals in Tibet

Festivals in Tibet

New Year (February or March)

Tibetan Festival

It is the greatest festival in Tibet. In ancient times when the peach tree was in blossom, it was considered as the starting of a new year. Since the systematization of the Tibetan calendar in 1027 A.D., the first day of the first month became fixed as the new year. On the New Year's day, families united "auspicious dipper" is offered and the auspicious words "tashi delek" are greeted.

Saga Dawa Festival (May or June)

It is the holiest in Tibet, there memorable occasions coincide on this day, Buddha's birth and Buddha's enlightenment. Almost every person within Lhasa joins in circumambulating round the city and spends their late afternoon on picnic at " Dzongyab Lukhang" park at the foot of Potala.

Gyantse Horse Race (May or June)

Horse races and archers are generally popular in Tibet, and Gyantse enjoys prestige of being the earliest in history by starting in 1408. Contests in early times included horse race, archery, and Shooting on gallop followed by a few days' entertainment or picnicking. Presently,ball games, track and field events, folk songs and dances, barter trade are in addition to the above.

Changtang Chachen Horse Race Festival (10 August)

As the most important festival in North Tibet during the golden season on the grassland, thousands of herdsmen throng to Nakchu riding fine horses, and carrying the local products. They form a city Of tens south of Nakchu town. There will be thrilling horse races, archery and demonstrations of horsemanship. Songs and dance troupes from all parts of Tibet will add to the fun.

Harvest Festival (September)

The farmers in Lhasa, Gyantse and Shangnan are celebrating their bumper harvest this time. During that time, people enjoy horse racing games, costume fashion shows, songs and dance Archery and picnics etc.

Kungbu Traditional Festival (November of December)

Long long ago, when Tibet was in danger of large-scale invasion, the Kongpo people sent out an army to defend their homeland.It was in September and the soldiers worried that they might miss the New Year,highland barley wine and other good things. So people had the Tibetan New Year on 1st October ahead of time. To memorize those brave soldiers Kongpo people present three sacrifices and stay up at night from then on. And now it has become the Kongpo Festival for entertainment like Kongpo dancing, horse race, archery and shooting.