Kailash Pilgrimage Tour

Kailash Pilgrimage Tour

Kailash Pilgrimage Tour The adventure begins with the drive across the Himalaya, then east across the plains of Tibet to Holy Lake Manasarovar. Here you will join the throngs of pilgrims, who for centuries have converged on this remote southwestern corner of Tibet to circumambulate the sacred Mount Kailash. Kailash is considered to be the center of the universe by Hindus, Tibetan Buddhists, and the Bons alike. Ancient cosmography identifies Kailash with the mighty mountain Sumeru, the central peak of the world. To Buddhist, the “Father Mountain” represents the means to enlightenment. Lake Manasarovar, just below Kailash is the “mother principle” representing transcendental consciousness. Hindus consider Kailash to be the throne of Lord Shiva, one of the three principal gods of the Hindu pantheon, whose long, matted hair forms the holy Ganges River. As a Bon center, Kailash is the soul of the country and assures protection for all Tibetans. The fountainhead of four major Asian rivers (Sutlej, Brahmaputra, Ganges, and the Indus), few mountains rival Kailash for its mystique, isolation and prominence. For 3 days, you will walk with pilgrims around this almost perfectly symmetrical mountain. Your trek/tour pioneered by takes you into the heart of Nepal and Tibet. Few trekkers have walked these trials, unchanged over the ages. Encounters with the herders, pilgrims, and the local people will be lively and make for precious moments. The flight from the Kathmandu airport takes you directly to your destination, from where you catch a connecting flight or train to home and the end of the unique adventure in the far reaches of the Himalayan with memories to last a lifetime.  


Day 01: Arrival and transfer to hotel.

Day 02: Kathmandu sightseeing / Overnight .

Day 03: Kathmandu sightseeing . Overnight .

Day 04: Drive to Kerung Border. Overnight .

Day 05: Drive to Lhatze. Overnight .

Day 06: Drive to Saga. Overnight .

Day 07: Drive to Paryang.Overnight .

Day 08: Drive to Mayulma. Overnight .

Day 09: Drive to Darchen. Overnight .

Day 10: PARIKRAMA / KORA. Trek to Diraphuk. Overnight.

Day 11: PARIKRAMA / KORA. Trek to Zutrulphuk. Overnight.

Day 12: PARIKRAMA / KORA. Trek to Darchen & drive to Mansarovar.Overnight .

Day 13: Free day in Mansarover. Overnight .

Day 14: Drive to Paryang. Overnight .

Day 15: Drive to Saga. Overnight.

Day 16: Drive to Kerung Overnight .

Day 17: Drive to Kathmandu. Overnight.

Day 18: Departure.