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Getting There

Potala Palace

The choice of entries and exits for Tibet has recently increased to include more international access to Lhasa. There are direct flights into Lhasa from Kathmandu Chengdu, Beijing (via Chengdu) and Xian (via Golmud). Apart from the Kathmandu-Lhasa flight, the Nepal overland route to Lhasa has become very popular. Recently another entry point to Tibet from West Nepal (Simikot) has been opened.

When to visit

From March to October is the best period to travel to Tibet, when days are not too cold and the passes are clear of snow. Whereas for the festivals the best months are February, March and June-September. During the monsoon season June-September south of the Himalaya, Landslides can delay journeys through the mountains to Nepal.


08 hours ahead of GMT. Note Tibet is linked to Beijing time so when you cross the border to Nepal the time change is considerable. Nepal is 5 hours and 45 minutes ahead of GMT.


RENMINBI, the People's money used by millions of Chinese everyday, circulates in notes of 1,2,5, 10 and 50 Yuan; 1,2 and 5 Jiao; 1,2 and 5 fen. There are also coins for 5 fen. With the Chinese Currency, Renminbi, one Yuan is divided into 10 Jiao; Jiao into 10 Fen.

Travelers cheques & Credit cards

All major currencies, traveller's cheques and credit cards are accepted by the Bank of China and large tourist hotels in Lhasa. When you change at ...

EU troika starts high-level parleys the bank you will receive a money exchange receipt which details the transaction. Keep the exchange receipt so you can use it to reconvert your leftover Chinese currency when you leave.


The Bank of China is close to the Public Security Bureau, just behind the Potala. Opening hours are from 1000 hrs to 1330 hrs and from 1600 hrs. to 1830 hrs. It's clad ill day on Sunday.

Business hours

Most shops are open between 0900 hrs and 1230 hrs; and then again from 1430 hrs. until 1730 hrs. Many shops :dose~on Sundays. Government offices are usually closed on Saturday afternoon and Sunday.

Clothing and Accessories

April to October lite clothings is required. The recommended items are: Sleeping bag,shirts,comfortable walking shoes, Long John Trousers and shirts, sweater, jackets, dust mask, socks, sun hat, sun glasses, sun tan lotion, utility knife, water bottle/thermos (litre) flashlight. Water purification tabs, medicine for headaches, fewer, colds, stomach disorders etc. Toilet papers and tissue papers.


Lhasa Gonggar Airport is 96 kms away from Lhasa.

Airport Taxes

The airport departure tax at present is approx. US$12 per person


Transportation will be either in a Land cruiser or Minivan depending on the size of the group.

Food and drinks


Tibet has only a handful of towns, and Tibetan cuisine is not exactly the most varied in the world. It is handy to carry, anything that can be brewed with hot water. Instant coffee, drinking chocolate, tea bags, soup cubes, drink powder and powdered milk. Other food items worth considering are instant noodles, vegemite, nuts and raisins, chocolate, dry foods and biscuits.